QuickPic offers registered media members free, password-protected access to high-resolution images, videos and documents in a comprehensive databank. Enhance your efficiency with QuickPic's fast and easy navigation of breaking news. If you need it, QuickPic has it.

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High-resolution images

Nothing speaks like rich visual content - download high-resolution, up-to-date and copyright-free official images from QuickPic's substantial image repository. QuickPic also offers full in-house location and studio photography, including post-production, on products and events.

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Quality press releases

Enhance your editorial with the latest, most factual and highest-quality press releases across the industry. You'll find the latest price lists and specification sheets on QuickPic as well.

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Visual enrichment through video

Embed official videos to enrich your online content or add to your high-resolution broadcast, because sometimes seeing is believing! Need a video to be shot for you? QuickPic can do that too, including full editing and sound production.

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Customised Press Room

Host your own content in your own dedicated press room on QuickPic, complete with a unique look and feel in accordance with your brand's CI specifications. We also include a digital contact card to enable the media to make quick and easy contact with you. Want to personalise the experience even further? QuickPic now provides the functionality for your press room to become your very own stand-alone media website with its own customisable URL - with its content and back-end still managed by QuickPic.


QuickPic Monitor takes media monitoring to a new level. With a keen ear on print, broadcast, online and social media, we work closely with our clients to understand their monitoring needs, in order to deliver customisable, reliable and accurate results.

Media monitoring just for you

Tailored media monitoring results are recorded daily and stored within a user-friendly portal that is designed around your specific needs. A centralised multi-media repository means easy access to the exact data you require. Communicate your coverage to your colleagues and submit reports to management - QuickPic Monitor does it all.

Accurate and meaningful results

QuickPic Monitor prides itself on providing accurate, meaningful results which you can use to enhance and structure your PR strategies. Who are your biggest tweeters? Where are you getting the most magazine coverage? We know the answers and we give them to you in a sensible, effective format - monitoring print, broadcast, online and social media.




Manage your vehicle fleets from within QuickPic, with a focus on transparency, automation, enhanced efficiency and improved cost reporting and control - all in a cost-effective package. Managing and controlling your fleets has never been easier!

Manage bookings online

Using the Calendar, easily manage test drive requests and bookings in a simple, effective environment. Find a slot, click and save the booking - with automatic email notifications sent to all concerned parties. No more confusion!

Keep tabs on your fleet

Load vehicles from as many fleets as you might have, change their details and log their figures - all in the name of better cost management and maximising your fleet's value. Keep tabs on mileage, fuel expenses and cleaning costs, all from a smart dashboard which you get to populate. Automated or customised reports allow for effective management throughout your organisation.




QuickPic Mail enables you to send completely personalised emails to the exact media members you wish to contact - and we'll do it all for you. Our substantial media lists are constantly updated and refined for peace of mind and maximum effectiveness.

Customise your content

Create or upload your own email template for a truly personalised email campaign - or we'll do it for you. We deliver your news with news feeds and emails 'personally' and within the time frame you require to go live with your media information.

Targeted reach

Point your emails exactly where you want them to go with QuickPic's comprehensive media lists and categories. Our long-standing experience with the journalism industry means QuickPic has a deep and cross-linked media database - which has been recognised as one of the most sophisticated and accurate in the business. Our database is constantly researched and updated to maintain ultimate accuracy.



Direct link to your content

Send your email with a direct link to your content in your own customised press room. It's like placing your own welcome sign at QuickPic's front door. As a value-added service, QuickNews is an email round-up service which updates the media and other partners on current happenings once per week.


Design, manage and send your own personalised event invitations with full online RSVP through QuickPic RSVP. The QuickPic invitation system allows for easy creation and customisation to suit your event's needs.

Your invite, our job

Invites, email campaigns and research tools - all can be done on your behalf, using your company's branding for a personalised look and feel.

Target exactly who you want

Create a completely customised media list and target exactly who you want to ensure maximum effectiveness. Import your own list or use QuickPic's expansive database of media members to ensure you don't miss anyone important.



Stay informed

Keep yourself, your events company and all other relevant parties informed on the response of your invitation via email or logging in to our system.

Create your own web form

Conduct market, brand or media research with an email-based web form. The system collect the results for you, which you can download or view via email.




Our online dealer marketing material management system enables you to streamline information, graphics and enforce brand CI regulations. QuickPic Dealerkit becomes a trusted source of accurate and official information, with our other services integrated to enhance brand communication overall.

One look for everyone

Guarantee that all your brand's marketing material follows brand guidelines and maximises effectiveness by collating your digital content in one accessible place. Dealers can draw off the same standardised content, ensuring that advertising, banners, T-shirts, umbrellas, flyers and documentation all follow the same brand principles and make use of the same correct information.

Target your dealers

Load your dealership database to ensure everybody - or just the exact people you need to contact - can be included. Dealer-specific communication can also be done from within the Dealer Toolkit including dealer notifications, bulletins, invitations, email campaigns, pre-launch teasers, strategy and campaign implementation, marketing updates as well as advertising material distribution.




With up-to-date and accurate information, QuickPic Autospec is a reliable, centralised vehicle specification and pricing comparison tool which makes it easy to view and compare different versions of the same vehicle or do a back-to-back comparison between segment competitors.

Find specfic vehicles in various ways

Whether you wish to search on price, segment, body style, brand or engine type, QuickPic Autospec can find vehicles across a host of search parameters.

Check your specs

Use QuickPic Autospec to easily verify vehicle specifications and data against trusted, up-to-date information collected from the manufacturers.



Compare back-to-back

Select your required vehicles and compare them back-to-back, whether it be different versions of the same model range or competitors of a specific segment. Side-by-side comparisons make it easy to spot the differences.