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Level 6 B-BBEE Contributor Status - 18 Sep 20

Goodyear South Africa attains Level 6 B-BBEE Contributor Status

Goodyear South Africa is proud to announce that it has attained Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Level 6 Contributor Status under the Amended Codes of Good Practice. After the Codes of Good Practice were amended and promulgated in 2015, Goodyear improved its status from Level 8. This was achieved by Goodyear forming a project team that made a concerted effort to apply transformational strategies in its business operations. This strategy included focused initiatives for management control, skills development, enterprise and supplier development, as well as socio-economic development.

At the recent Absa Supplier Development Awards, Goodyear South Africa was recognized as Runner Up in the Newcomer category as well as Small Supplier category. “Goodyear has been commended by the judges for the intentional strategy of developing a few suppliers but deeply integrating them into the supply chain and walking a journey with them that derives mutual benefit and impact,” – Absa Supplier Development Awards judges.

Goodyear supports the underlying principles of B-BBEE as being part of the broader economic growth strategy, which is an inclusive process associated with good governance. Goodyear believes that B-BBEE must positively impact the lives of those purposefully and systematically excluded from the economy in the past, which is why they adopted a people-centered B-BBEE strategy, in word and in deed.

“Goodyear has significant local content in its South African business revenues, supported by a developing Enterprise and Supplier Development Plan that is actioned through the Umthombo Development Programme. Goodyear South Africa prides itself on a focused continuing transformation approach that goes beyond compliance, one that contributes towards a viable and adaptive economy of the country characterized by growth, skills development and empowerment, we are on a journey to continually improve,” concluded Darren Hayes – Powell, Goodyear South Africa Group Managing Director. 

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