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    Tyre pressure plays an important role in ensuring you drive safely and efficiently
    Underinflated tyres increase the likelihood of a serious accident, incur a higher level of wear and increase fuel consumption
    Check your tyre pressure at regular intervals to ensure your safety while travelling
    Follow Continental’s important driving and vehicle safety tips as we strive...

    Tyre Talk 7 - 18 Dec 20

    Tyre pressure plays an important role in ensuring your vehicle’s overall safety performance, handling, comfort and fuel efficiency when driving – and has a direct correlation to the longevity of the tyres.

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    Commercial and passenger vehicles are a major contributor to the production of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2)
    In line with the Paris Agreement on climate action, numerous governments and companies have committed to significantly reduce CO2 emissions by 2030
    The rolling resistance of a tyre is one of the main factors impacting fuel consumption and the...

    Tyre Talk 6 - 14 Dec 20

    In a single year, almost four-billion metric tons of goods are transported across Germany, where Continental’s headquarters are based. Some 85-percent of this freight is carried by trucks, with commercial and passenger vehicles combined emitting around 40-million tons of greenhouse carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.

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    The lifespan of a tyre is determined by a wide variety of factors, including driving style, load, speed, road conditions and climate
    Regular tyre inspection and maintenance are key to increasing the longevity of your tyres, including checking wheel alignment, maintaining the correct pressures, and inspecting the tyres for uneven wear and damage
    Tyres should be safely stored...

    Tyre Talk 5 - 8 Dec 20

    Continental designs, develops and manufactures its tyres to provide thousands of kilometres of excellent service, but conditions vary widely according to the vehicle and its application, individual driving style and prevailing road conditions – all of which impacts the longevity of a tyre.

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    Information on tyre sidewall indicates size and performance parameters
    Includes speed rating, load index and SSR or runflat designation if applicable
    Legal tread depth limit is 1.6 mm for tyres with tread depth indicators, or 1 mm for tyres without tread depth indicator

    PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, 27 November 2020 – Interpreting and understanding the detailed...

    Tyre Talk 4 - 27 Nov 20

    Interpreting and understanding the detailed information on the sidewall of your vehicle’s tyres is important in helping you identify the right tyre and operating parameters for your car – an important consideration to achieve the best balance of tyre performance for acceleration, braking and cornering, as well as ride comfort, noise, rolling resistance, mileage and load capacity.

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    All passenger, light commercial and 4x4 tyres use a radial tyre construction, but the tyre’s construction, tread pattern and performance characteristics vary according to application
    There’s no one-size-fits-all solution – tyres are designed to fulfil a wide range of contrasting requirements, such as wet and dry grip, rolling resistance and mileage
    Continental produces an...

    Tyre Talk 3 - 20 Nov 20

    As the physical link between a vehicle and the ground, tyres take on the full wheel load of a vehicle – when pulling off and braking they deliver the requisite grip, and when cornering they provide lateral guidance.

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    A tyre is a complex combination of components made from numerous ingredients: natural rubber, synthetic rubber, textiles, steel wire and steel cord
    Manufacturing process involves sourcing of materials, production of compounds, manufacturing of components, building the tyre and vulcanisation
    Each stage of production is subjected to strict quality controls, including visual...

    Tyre Talk 2 - 13 Nov 20

    The tyre is a complex combination of components made from numerous ingredients. But how do we get from the rubber tree to the road? Tyre production consists of six key stages in the manufacturing process: sourcing of materials, production of compounds, manufacturing of components, building the tyre, vulcanisation and, finally, quality control.

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    Tyres are the critical point of contact between your vehicle and the road
    The development of a tyre is a process of resolving conflicting interests of wet and dry grip, durability, noise and rolling resistance
    All Continental tyres undergo rigorous testing at its Contidrom facility in Germany before being put into production

    PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, 6 November 2020...

    Tyre Talk 1 - 6 Nov 20

    Tyres are the critical point of contact between your car and the road, and are responsible for transmitting the vehicle’s acceleration, braking and steering inputs to the road surface.

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    New racing series generates more attention for the planet
    All races will be broadcasted live online and on TV worldwide
    Continental is the exclusive tyre supplier for the entire series

    PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, 20 October 2020 – Continental is a founding partner and, as of 2021, the premium sponsor of the Extreme E series. The technology company will equip all...

    Continental is a founding partner and, as of 2021, the premium sponsor of the Extreme E series.

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    Series kicks off in spring 2021, travels around the world to five remote locations
    Continental a founding partner and exclusive tyre supplier, providing special-purpose tyres for the ODYSSEY 21 electric racers
    Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton launches his own team: X44

    PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, 14 October 2020 – The innovative new Extreme E all-electric...

    The innovative new Extreme E all-electric off-road racing series is scheduled to make its much-anticipated debut in March 2021, and Continental is proudly a founding partner, premium sponsor and the exclusive tyre supplier to the global championship which was recently officially granted status as an FIA International Series.

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    Replacement businesses for passenger and truck tyres merged
    New organisation is primarily structured according to customer group
    Objectives: Further increase in customer centricity and further development of innovative products, services, and digital solutions

    PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, 9 October 2020 – Tyre manufacturer and technology company Continental has...

    Tyre manufacturer and technology company Continental has reorganised the passenger and truck tyres replacement businesses in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) under the leadership of Philipp von Hirschheydt, former head of the passenger tyres replacement business in the EMEA region.

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    Claus Petschick heads new Sustainability department at Continental’s Tire division in Germany – Q&A regarding sustainability program, Tour de France and dandelion as eco-friendly source of natural rubber
    Sustainable management is an integral part of “Vision 2030” strategy program
    Consistent research and development in new technologies, alternative materials, and...

    For many years, Continental’s Tire business area has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to the area of sustainability and has now bundled all activities and projects in a newly created department under the leadership of Claus Petschick as part of its “Vision 2030” strategy program.

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    Dryland Event Management is proud to announce that Anderson Transport and General Tire have extended their partnership. The transport firm has renewed their long-term relationship, with the aim of further developing women’s mountain biking in particular. While the locally produced Brand of Continental Tyre SA, will continue to showcase their robust and durable General Tires on...

    MTB Support - 5 Oct 20

    Dryland Event Management is proud to announce that Anderson Transport and General Tire have extended their partnership. The transport firm has renewed their long-term relationship, with the aim of further developing women’s mountain biking in particular.

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    Delighted spectators and high global engagement rate
    Six teams on advanced technology from Continental
    PremiumContact 6 tyres deliver safety and precise handling for support vehicles – Q&A with tyre development engineer Andreas Schlenke

    PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, 30 September 2020 – A common focus on both car tyres and bicycle tyres – at this year's Tour of...

    A common focus on both car tyres and bicycle tyres – at this year's Tour of France, the Continental brand, in its dual function as a supplier and one of the five main sponsors, attracted the highest media attention worldwide.

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    Continental picks up its 12th Diamond Arrow Award for business excellence as one of South Africa’s leading tyre manufacturers
    Results based on’s annual regional survey of the Eastern Cape, focusing on economic growth and development, management expertise, governance and innovation
    CSR award acknowledges Continental Tyre SA’s commitment to the community by...

    Continental Tyre South Africa (CTSA) has once again emerged victorious at the annual awards, earning its 12th consecutive Diamond Arrow Award in the category for Tyre Manufacturers.

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    Your car is the most trustworthy means of transport during the coronavirus crisis
    Tyres, battery, fluid levels, windscreen wipers and lights – a thorough check will prevent unpleasant surprises
    Useful tips for inspections and repairs, plus revised warranty conditions

    PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, 10 September 2020 – Keep your distance and avoid unnecessary contact –...

    Keep your distance and avoid unnecessary contact – that’s the most important motto in times of coronavirus.

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    Continental is supplying six teams in this year’s 107th edition of the Tour de France
    Eight out of 10 Tours in the last decade have been won on Continental tyres
    Continental is a Main Partner of the Tour de France until 2022. All official Tour vehicles are fitted with Continental PremiumContact 6 tyres

    PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, 3 September 2020 – Over recent years,...

    Over recent years, Continental has become synonymous with success in the Tour de France. The winners of the last three editions of the race have crossed the finish line on tyres hand-made at the Continental plant in Korbach.

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    Continental Tyre South Africa (CTSA) has supported the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber’s Ubuntu COVID-19 Fund
    The fund provides local healthcare facilities with essential equipment to combat the COVID-19 pandemic
    CTSA contributed R250 000 to the initiative to procure over 33 000 gowns, masks and gloves for frontline workers, and donated 100 blankets for homeless...

    Continental Tyre South Africa (CTSA) has answered the call from the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber (NMBBC) to support its Ubuntu COVID-19 Fund, which provides valuable protection and support to frontline staff in Nelson Mandela Bay healthcare facilities.

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    Continental Tyre joined the Youth Employment Service (YES) in 2019 to help provide learning and employment opportunities for young people
    Learners gain experience and knowledge in various aspects of the tyre industry, which improves their prospects of finding jobs
    Continental Tyre SA and BestDrive also have their own Learnership Programme, with four graduates having gained...

    Unemployment is one the biggest crises faced by South Africans today, and the youth are particularly hard hit due to a lack of suitable qualifications, skills or work experience which hamper their ability to secure employment.

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    Red Dot Design Award for Urban Taraxagum – bicycle tyres made from dandelion rubber
    Magazine “Focus E-Bike” distinguishes Urban Taraxagum in the “Sustainability & Green” category
    Continental’s long-term Taraxagum project aims to use natural rubber from dandelion plants for production of two-wheel, passenger car and commercial vehicle tyres

    PORT ELIZABETH, South...

    The Urban Taraxagum bicycle tyre from Continental is impressive on two fronts: the tyre made from dandelion rubber has won the prestigious Red Dot Design award, and was recently awarded the E-Bike Design & Innovation Award in the Sustainability & Green category by the magazine Focus E-Bike (, March 21, 2020).

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    Running is the top trend sport during the coronavirus crisis
    10 tips from Continental for healthy jogging, issued in cooperation with sports physicians
    Good running shoes are essential – like models with the high-grip “Continental sole”

    PORT ELIZABETH, South Africa, 20 May 2020 – Amateur joggers in colourful outfits are normally a familiar sight in parks and forests, as...

    Amateur joggers in colourful outfits are normally a familiar sight in parks and forests, as well as on city sidewalks.

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    Continental ranked as one of the top companies in motor vehicle parts category by Fortune magazine for the fourth time in a row
    Recognised for excellence in innovation, social responsibility, product and service quality, people management and global competitiveness
    Continental Tyre South Africa recently certified as a Top Employer for a third consecutive year


    For the fourth year in a row, Continental has been named by Fortune Magazine as one of the ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’, making it one of only two tyre companies to make the prestigious list in 2020.

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    Continental-branded fan belts and multi-V belts are designed to stringent global standards
    Products are manufactured at the ISO-certified and Continental Sonepat plant in India
    Accelerated pulley tests prove that Continental products comfortably exceed the most demanding industry requirements

    Johannesburg, South Africa, 10 January 2020. The leading technology company...

    The leading technology company Continental is world-renowned for its industry-defining technologies, as well as the exceptional performance and quality of its products – and this is certainly true of the automotive aftermarket fan and multi-V belts which were rebranded during the second half of 2019 for South Africa and Sub-Saharan African markets.