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Top PR Trends - 7 Dec 16

Top PR Trends - 7 Dec 16

What you can learn from the top PR Trends in 2016

As the old adage goes ‘change is the only constant’, and in the PR industry we’ve seen quite a fair amount of change going round in 2016. Aside from the obvious influence of advancing technology, we’ve seen PR practitioners taking new approaches to existing communication platforms and methodologies — changing the way we’d traditionally look at the industry. We’ve highlighted some of the biggest PR trends and how you can benefit by implementing them in your communication strategy. 

Providing a meaningful experience in the age of the consumer.

As you’re very well aware, the consumer has been dictating how corporates shape and target their brand messaging. But in 2016, we’ve seen this form of customer-centric communication kicked up a notch. As sales automation giant Salesforce revealed earlier in 2016, in the ‘age of the customer’ they are growing even more demanding and looking for more than just a product or service — they want a personalised experience. And along with this we’ve seen the rise of platforms and applications that provide them with this experiential treatment. Think of applications like Zomato and TripAdvisor that use customer reviews to attract new clients to accommodation and restaurants. Relating this back to PR trends, we’ve seen this broadening the scope of simply sending out messages to monitoring, interacting and responding to what is being said about your brand by others to help foster a meaningful relationship with your target audience.

The growing impact of the digital influencer.

The use of influential names and industry experts (aka brand ambassadors) to advocate your brand communication is by no means a new PR trend, but as digital communication grows it’s making their endorsement more powerful. The digital influencer is someone who has an incredibly strong, authentic online presence and following. Therefore it’s becoming more important to find the right influencer rather than the right distribution platform — someone who can capture the trust and imagination of your target audience. In fact, Google Trends indicates a major rise in the interest in influencer marketing over the last five years. The focus should also be on using the appropriate social media platforms beit Twitter, LinkedIn or YouTube to share your influencer messaging.

Establishing your own voice in the digital landscape.

With the growth of social media, we’ve seen a shift in how news is being gathered and distributed. It has given way to citizen journalism — while effective at sharing news — it’s not always a win for PR practitioners. One of the biggest PR trends that has emerged as a result of the information free-for-all, is creating your own voice and establishing authority as a brand. If your social accounts are left unattended, your followers will run rampant with assumptions and start communicating on your behalf. We’ve seen many brands suffer horribly as a result of poor online communication management and therefore an entire PR job specification has been created to prevent social media havoc. Creating original digital content, especially through a blog or dedication news page, ensures that there is always a source with direct communication from your company eliminating speculation.

Messaging is becoming more targeted and its influence more measurable.

If you are using digital content to communicate your brand messaging, it needs to be targeted. Here we see a PR trend that is bridging the gap between marketing automation and public relations — and with great benefits. Using data collected about your target audience and how and where they consume information can help you refine your distribution of your brand messaging. Using smart tools, like Google Analytics, to monitor and collect information on the activity of users on your website can help you to further optimise your PR strategy and attract even more of the right eyes to your communication. It also gives you a platform to truly measure your brand influence and affinity. QuickPic’s new Media Wire solution provides you with a powerful platform to take your brand to new audiences outside of your existing network. Media Wire provides you with more targeted brand visibility by sharing your messaging with our thousands of journalists that have specifically requested to find news according to specific industry, geography and topics

Finding the time and available budget to adapt to changing PR trends can be challenging, but it’s necessary to ensure your brand gets seen and remains competitive in the market. Luckily, we’ve got a helping hand. At QuickPic, we provide PR practitioners with a wide range of tools to help not only increase your visibility, but also to provide you with a monitoring system to help you establish how your brand is being perceived. You can take a tour of our full suite of media solutions here, or get in touch to discuss your unique communication needs.


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