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Seamless Event Management - 12 Feb 18

Seamless Event Management - 12 Feb 18

Plan and manage your event seamlessly

We recently launched QuickPic’s all-new Event Management System and introduced a whole class of features that aim at making event management or training simple. A system that enables transparency of processes and utilizing simple to use technology.

Essentially, QuickPic’s Event Management System draws every aspect of event organising into one platform that is easy to access and is understandable.

Imagine a world where you can create an event, organise logistics, invite guests, manage tasks and get reports on the progress of the planning in a platform that places all those components in one singular space. QuickPic Events Management System (EMS) does all that with no hassle. And yes, knowing the status of your RSVP and what their dietary requirements are.

The system is focused on saving time whilst having better control of all the tasks you have completed and still need to complete.

Now you can register your attendees before or on the day:

  • Pre-register attendees before the event, by selecting the list of all the people who have confirmed attendance, making the registering process smooth and proactive.

  • Register people at the event. This feature allows you to register attendees as they arrive and keep digital record of their attendance.

  • Effortless auto populate confirmed attendees, printing labels, with a logo, name and company name.

  • System defaults last minute RSVPs sent after the set cut-off date.

The Event Management System gives you the power to manage and track an entire event, save time and have complete control on a digital platform. Review the entire process of the event as well as progress from all involved parties in the easy but comprehensive reporting section.

The powerful reporting tool pulls all the data, costs, confirmed bookings into one report.

Seamless event registration & control is now available on your desktop!


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    08 Feb 2018
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