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Media Wire 2.0 - 30 Jul 18

Media Wire 2.0 - 30 Jul 18

MediaWire - The perfect vehicle to the perfect visibility

As the storytellers of the business, we assist public relations professionals to take advantage of new communication channels to get their stories into the marketplace and stimulate an evolving and tech-savvy audiences’ appetite.  In this evolving role of the content strategist QuickPic has redeveloped an all-new MediaWire solution, in order to connect with a larger audience.

How does it work?

We transform your press releases into fully optimized publications using keywords and links to help increase appearances in search engine results, and increase your traffic on social media channels. A well-written press release is an invaluable marketing asset, but it's not written for the press alone. Press releases do much more than spread news; they boost search visibility, enhance customer service, increase brand recognition, and support sales. MediaWire provides the the perfect vehicle. Sharing your press release beyond your owned properties is key to successful multichannel promotion. Increase online visibility, traffic, search rank and authority by promoting your content via QuickPic’s MediaWire website and online network.

We use SEO for Press Releases to enhance your search results and spread your message across numerous channels. The more visible your message is, the bigger your audience will become.

QuickPic’s MediaWire SEO can be advantageous to you in such a way that:

  • It boosts your visibility - share your content across our industry-leading, online syndication network, which includes big names such as Google.

  • It drives your coverability - enhance your brand visibility by posting to QuickPic MediaWire which will amplify your page views and increase your search ranking. All QuickPic’s current client base will receive this service as a value added service to their current media distribution service.

Offering a comprehensive PR, media intelligence, analytics, content distribution, and influencer outreach, QuickPic's MediaWire enables clients to engage new audiences, enhance campaigns and strengthen data-driven decision making. Leverage our full suite of services to magnify your communications success.

To see our new communication channel and experience effective visibility on your press releases, simply click here:


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