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Media Distribution Insight - 25 Jan 16

Media Distribution Insight - 25 Jan 16

Gain deeper insights with QuickPic’s advanced PR & Media Wire solutions

Innovation is what drives the modern business. And at QuickPic, our approach is no different. In our efforts to provide our clients with the most advanced, easy-to-use and in depth media reporting tools, we’re constantly evaluating our service with feedback from our valued clients. While our PR and newly introduced Media Wire service has already set the benchmark for media distribution and reporting, we’ve further optimised their strength to provide you with even more targeted messaging and reporting power.

Our new, improved PR service allows us to immediately provide transparent automated reports on where and to whom your press release was sent. On a deeper level, we also provide the media list groups and data on how many people were reached. These reports can be automatically sent to you after a campaign has been sent and can be scheduled at a time that’s convenient for you.

How QuickPic can help you analyse content distribution reach and engagement:

  • Report on press releases distributed

Get an overview of the performance of your distributed content with our Campaign Reports, which include release statistics and various data points, all sharable and exportable for your stakeholders. You can also leverage the expertise of QuickPic’s Professional Services team for your media distribution/measurement programs and custom media reach projects.

  • Full transparency

With our new advanced features you can know exactly who your press release was sent to and we enable you gain a better understanding of output media lists for category targeting with our immediate tracking. You also have immediate knowledge of the media distribution targets across channels to help you gauge the momentum of your campaigns and to uncover actionable media intelligence.

  • Track the results of your communications campaign

Our Media Monitoring service provides you with comprehensive reports that allow you to see your brand’s reputational impact as well as the details behind a negative or positive spike in brand perception. It also allows you to monitor your competitors’ media activity to gain an understanding of their marketing activities, strategies, and media reactions to their brand. Our Media Monitoring solution provides you with honest, accurate AVE figures that are relevant to your own unique PR strategy. All data is easily accessible from a single dashboard so you don’t sift through various reports to find the information you need.

  • Ensure your message gets seen by the right people

Our Media Wire service provides you with more targeted brand visibility by sharing your messaging with media professionals that have specifically requested to find news in your industry. Media Wire enables you to share your brand message according to specific industry, geography and topics – creating thousands of new touch points for you to reach new audiences beyond your existing media footprint. We also SEO optimise all press releases to ensure that your brand message can be found online.

We are super excited about our new features and keen to hear your feedback. To find out more about our specialised media solutions, take a comprehensive tour here, or get in touch with us directly if you’d like to discuss your unique communications needs.


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