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Happy 2017 - 13 Jan 17

Happy 2017 - 13 Jan 17

Kick 2017 into gear with QuickPic media solutions

The beginning of a new year is always exciting — especially for the QuickPic team. We have another 12 months to innovate, evolve and provide you with the best media solutions to help boost your brand visibility. 

In 2016, we introduced some revolutionary new products to our media solutions suite — all targeted at ensuring your message gets seen by more of the right people. And in 2017, you can expect nothing less from the QuickPic team. You can look forward to  few new releases and the ther evolving of our product range.

While you wait in suspense to find out what we’re working on, have a look at some of the innovative products we have on offer already:

Our recently introduced Media Wire solution has been specifically designed to help you boost search visibility ensuring that people looking for your brand are able to easily find your messages across various industries, locations and topics.

QuickPic Media Monitoring is the perfect tool to help you effectively manage communication campaigns and measure real brand affinity.

Our new and powerful Fleet System gives you the ability to easily and accurately monitor the exact movement of every vehicle in your fleet from a single easy-to-use online dashboard.

These are only a few of our specialised media solutions, and you can take a comprehensive tour of all our services here, or feel free to get in touch with us directly to chat. And remember, keep an eye on your inbox to find out about all of our new product releases in 2017.


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