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Event Manager - 29 Jan 18

Event Manager - 29 Jan 18

Create and manage events with ease

The success of any event depends on many elements coming together at a specified date and place. Keep in mind that these elements need to come together to ensure a successful event, and imagine how easy it would be if it could be created and managed from your own desktop.

Events also require a significant investment, which is why one would want to keep a close eye on the budget, suppliers, invites, workload and targets.

QuickPic ground-breaking Event Management System that allows you to do all of this in one easy-to-access and easy-to-understand online platform.

A new way to manage events

In essence, the QuickPic Event Management System (EMS) pulls every component of the event into a singular space that you can access and understand easily. It allows for event management from a desktop.

An event can be created within minutes, without having any designing or development skills. As an added bonus, a simple “chat bot” is always on hand to demonstrate the process.

On the logistics side of the event, the QuickPic EMS gives you the ability to break down the event into multiple suppliers or person(s) assigned to each task. Not only do you have access to the contact details for each supplier, but you’ll be able to track them and their budget in the Reports section.

In addition to the above, every component of the event can be ticked off as completed or uncompleted, so you can tell at a glance what still needs to be done.


When it comes to the business of invites, here are a few examples of useful features built into the system. All of this capability makes the invite process extremely useful and a joy to use.

  • The QuickPic EMS allows for  the creation and importing of recipient lists than can be used and adapted as you wish. All lists remain confidential.

  • Keeping track of all invites and responses is simple and logical. The QuickPic EMS allows for the creation of various e-mail types, whether it be a save the date, the actual invitation or an aide memoire to remind someone that they agreed to attend an event.

  • The QuickPic EMS also has the ability to follow up on invites easily. It will track what the response was to an e-mail and allow you to communicate with the various responders, including those who accepted, declined or gave no response. Automatic responses to the various mails can be set up as well, or no responses with a “reminder message.

  • As for the invites, they can be personalised. The system comes with online RSVP capability, from which you can get a variety of information on the people attending the event. This can range from dietary requirements to shoe size and everything in between.

  • Invitations are created easily from a set easy-to-use artwork templates. These accepted invites can be saved to Outlook Calendar and will link to Google Maps.

All in one place

The Event Management Software basically gives you the power to manage and track an entire event from an online profile. With reporting capabilities worked in, you can also review the entire process, the performances of everyone involved and see where the budget was spent.

All of these features come together to form the best possible way to plan events going forward.

If you would like to give it a try, feel free to contact us for permission to access the system, or click the link below:

Event Management


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