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Distribution with Total Control - 16 Jan 19

Distribution with Total Control - 16 Jan 19

QuickPic's press release distribution service gives you total control!

Looking to better your media distribution for improved outcomes? Look no further than QuickPic’s simple, do-it-yourself, white labelled and intuitive press release distribution service. Now better than ever!

QuickPic’s targeted and multi-network database of media contacts allows you to find and directly pitch your story to news outlets covering your industry or region. You can target by News Corporation, industry, location, media type and more. Through monitoring the media, QuickPic is able to segment influencers and journalists in the correct targeted industry categories and continuously grow numbers with new contacts added daily. Our highly trusted press release distribution service also connects you to the SEO MediaWire network to broaden your reach. MediaWire has the power to amplify your reach outside your press room and standard media list – combined with blogs and social posts, we ensure your media release gets noticed!

Managing your content

QuickPic provides you, the user, with admin rights giving you the ability to load your content in the form of text, images, and videos to distribute on a simple, user friendly and good looking dashboard.

It’s as simple as copying your press release, dropping your images, videos and selecting your distribution list/s and sending. Once you are done, you will be able to clearly see which media outlets you reached.

The news distribution platform also has a list manager functionality where lists can be created, edited, unsubscribed and new members may be added. These lists may be uploaded from an excel spreadsheet and are also downloadable from the system to an excel spreadsheet. The system notifies you on changes  made to your media contact list. Members may be added to the list by searching on the system, importing an Excel spreadsheet, or by directly registering onto the system as per events.

PR and Marketing managers have total user control for editing purposes and most importantly, transparency!

Track your readers

We consider the importance of measuring your PR efforts and that’s why we offer the option to track your publicity with our class-leading reporting tools. We can provide you with information about where your readers are and where your story resonates. We help track and locate the views of your press release and newsroom, as well as the distributors of your press release…

QuickPic is also POPI ACT ready

QuickPic understands the importance of protecting our client’s personal information, and so we have taken the initiative to adhere to the POPI Act law and ensure we are ready.

The POPI Act is there to ensure that companies, like QuickPic, conduct themselves in a responsible manner when collecting, processing, storing and sharing your personal information. QuickPic truly values personal information and therefore aims to bestow upon you, our clients, media and other partners what your personal information, will be used for.

QuickPic is a simple, powerful combination of search - optimised press release hosting and distribution via a list management and online SEO network, the ultimate media one-stop shop that protects your personal information as well!


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