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Auto Spec - 23 Aug 18

Auto Spec - 23 Aug 18

QuickPic Autospec, now more functional and user-friendly!

With up-to-date and accurate information, QuickPic Autospec is a reliable, centralised vehicle specification and pricing comparison tool which makes it easy to view and compare different vehicle derivatives. Like with all our other products, we continue to dedicate great effort into finding ways to make Autospec more user-friendly.

Mobile Responsiveness:

To further improve the usability of Autospec, we have made the system more mobile responsive. With a new, super fast menu that has the ability to rescale accordingly, depending on the device you are using, making it easier to view even on your mobile phone. That’s right, you can use the Autospec system on your mobile phone with effectiveness, efficiency, and guaranteed satisfaction!

Filtering your vehicle selection:

Autospec now comes with the convenient option to filter the vehicles by Brand, Derivative, Segment, Fuel, Price Range, Gear Shift and Shape. So you can select your required vehicles and compare them back-to-back. If it’s Brand, derivative, price, features, safety, performance figures you are looking for… it’s all there. Compare the hotly contested models across multiple brands. Look for a vehicle shape or specific price line and select your vehicles to compare. Maybe an auto diesel bakkie, priced between R500k - R600k. Side-by-side comparisons made easier! Change or clear your selections with one click - that easy!

QuickPic Autospec strives to attend to the needs of both the media and corporations involved in the automotive industry.  We aim to continue to improve the system for the convenience of our valued clients.

Ready, start and just click:/quickpic-autospec/


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