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Why Use QuickPic - 16 May 18

Why Use QuickPic - 16 May 18

What sets QuickPic Media Monitoring apart

1. We have highly skilled communication experts with experience, understanding of communication and business objectives to turn data into strategic insights.

2. We focus on Industry Expertise and understanding not only the brand, but the industry the brand operates in. An account manager with the correct industry knowledge and understanding is vital to ensure the data are analysed accurately. Sentiment is measured by specialists in the field. You may have the best coffee machine, best quality coffee beans, freshest full cream milk… BUT if your Barista is not top notch, your cappuccino will be mediocre - "finish and klaar”!

3. Our unique noise filtering ensures that only relevant information reaches you. As a public relations practitioner, you'll understand quality VS quantity. While most people think PR is a numbers game, it's anything but that. Our innovative systems allow us to have an ear on the ground 24/7, which means we never miss a mention.

4. Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy! By cutting out the noise, we help you get to the real value of content, which will enable you to make the necessary changes to ensure that any activity is as strong as it possibly can be. Calculate advertising value based on the value of the size (Real estate). Great care should be given to prevent partial mentions from receiving the full value of the article. In this case, applying the proportionate value, provides true accuracy. Non-related content has no value to your function, but it tends to be measured, which can lead to inaccurate figures and inflated values.

5. Understanding correct AVE procedures. Although it looks good on paper, don’t get fooled by inflated data metrics. As a PR practitioner, you understand the need for accurate AVE values. As such, it's easy to see why one would want the most accurate AVE figures available, with the exaggerated and inaccurate values already syphoned out. When AVE is used as a measurement method, only a direct 1:1 comparison of value should be used. We have taken a stance against AVE figures being exaggerated by multiplier factors to show boost values with inaccurate reports.

6. A simple dashboard, to find, download or share insights are vital for any PR specialist.

7. World-class tailored reports that show information and data visualisations in a simple, easy to understand, presentable format that suits your needs and match your strategy.

8. The power of image recognition. Communication via images has been a trend for a while now, but monitoring them hasn’t. Keeping an eye on images related to your brand, whether referenced or not, is the next big thing, and we have the technology to do just that.

9. Deep-level data insights and content subject monitoring reveal the message behind the sentiment. We are able to dig deeper into the data and reveal exactly what it’s about.

10. Our live signal and alerts monitoring will assist you in combatting a crisis in record time.


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