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User-friendly Dashboards - 8 Feb 17

User-friendly Dashboards - 8 Feb 17

QuickPic's user-friendly dashboard makes Media Monitoring fuss-free

With the ever-changing media landscape media monitoring plays an increasingly important role in PR and Marketing strategies. Companies need to know where their messages are being well-received and where they’re having no impact at all – if you don’t know what’s working and what’s falling flat, you have no frame of reference where you need to adapt your Communications strategy.

The catch is that the majority of PR and Marketing executives will admit they rarely have enough time to read through coverage and doing a detailed ROI study often gets set aside to deal with more pressing issues. That’s why media monitoring companies need to up their game by making their data easier and quicker to access. And that’s precisely why QuickPic is currently leading the Media Monitoring pack – QuickPic’s user-friendly online dashboard and accurate, tailormade monthly coverage reports are so well packaged that you can get a comprehensive view of your coverage standing whenever you need, and it takes a fraction of the time.

1. Info at a glance

QuickPic’s Media Monitoring Dashboard is smooth and efficient. Customers can log on at any time of the day and get an updated overview of their current coverage. The best thing about the QuickPic Dashboard is that it’s live – as clips are collected and uploaded they immediately reflect on the Dashboard. There’s no need to wait for daily or weekly reports. This comes in extremely handy when you’re tracking a particular story or dealing with a crisis.

2. Customised Reports

No two companies are the same and QuickPic specialises in tailor-making their reporting structure to suit their clients’ needs. Need to see how many articles have been written about Product X over the past ten days? It’s easy. On the QuickPic Dashboard you simply select your search criteria and within minutes you have an editable word document listing all the coverage (across all platforms) related to Product X. It gives you an immediate overview of where you stand in terms of coverage. This document can be forwarded to other parties and it’s editable – so you can choose to only share the most relevant or important coverage.

3. Clients have Control

QuickPic’s Media Monitoring Dashboard is a two-way street. QuickPic will capture and upload all coverage according to your specific keywords and parameters, but clients can delete clips at any time. This is extremely handy as some clients prefer not to include programme repeats or certain syndicated articles in their overall monthly coverage stats. QuickPic’s user-friendly Dashboard allows you to remove any such clips so that they don’t reflect on your monthly coverage report.

4. Information is power

QuickPic’s Monitoring Dashboard gives clients instant access to their current, as well as previous, coverage information. It’s possible to search for coverage by date, publication/ website, topic, or journalist. This allows companies to get a detailed view of where their messages are having the most impact and which areas they need to address. This type of information is PR and Marketing gold, and the fact that it’s instant means you can walk into an agency meeting with information that’s current. In this fast-paced industry working off week-old data can render the entire exercise irrelevant, which is why working with QuickPic’s Dashboard is so effective.

Accurate and effective Media Monitoring is one of the most important tools in any PR and Marketing environment – it’s the only way to know whether you’re hitting the mark or need to change tactics. QuickPic’s user-friendly and hassle-free Dashboard keeps you up to date and allows you instant access to tailormade reports. It’s the perfect solution for today’s fast-paced media environment.


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