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Sport and Sponsorship - 23 Aug 18

Sport and Sponsorship - 23 Aug 18

Measure the ROI of your sponsorship effectively

With sponsorship spending growing immensely, more emphasis is being placed on the application of advanced methodological approaches to improve understanding of the returns brands receive from their investment in sponsorship. QuickPic's Sport and Sponsorship tool measures your campaign effectiveness against your primary marketing objective.

Our Sport and Sponsorship suite provides clients, agencies and media owners the ability to measure and optimize advertising/sponsorship on all media categories. We measure all kinds of insights you need to understand - if an event resonated and how it moved the needle against your primary campaign objectives.

Optimizing sports sponsorships with image recognition technology:

The QuickPic Sport and Sponsorship tool gives you access to data from TV, radio, social, online and print platforms across South Africa and abroad. We also make the insight we provide actionable to you as a sponsor by adding sentiment to the data we capture for the sponsorship event/advertisement, if and when necessary. Through our powerful digital media image recognition technology, we assist brands to keep an eye on images related to their brand, whether referenced or not. Making calculating the return on investment generated from a sporting event more accurate due to the quantifiability of logo detection for visual mentions. Brand image recognition also gives you the opportunity to uncover online conversations about the brand that would have previously gone unnoticed.

3 key areas we can help you measure:

  • Awareness: We have the capacity to do your brand’s awareness testing for sponsorships as part of your brand tracking. We will provide you with the relevant insight from your brand’s social media mentions and conversation about the sponsorship.

  • Perceptions: QuickPic can help you understand the perception of those that are aware of your brand’s sponsorship. Whether they find it appealing. Whether they think it’s a good fit? Whether it cause them to want to take action? This can be done effectively through Social Media monitoring

  • Engagement: Our Sport and Sponsorship tool goes deeper than pure awareness, we assist you with insight that can help you get a measure on actual behavioural change as a direct result of the sponsorship

Measuring consumer's reaction will help you understand how to better reach them so you can make a significant impact and maximize your return on investment.


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