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Special Campaigns ROI - 24 May 17

Special Campaigns ROI - 24 May 17

Measuring your ROI on special campaigns

Special campaigns are a necessity, but they can be quite daunting when you don’t have the right information at your disposal.

Because of the time, effort and money invested in these kinds of campaigns, one wants to monitor them more carefully to ensure the desired target is reached. By using the right kind of media monitoring and a team of experts behind it, you can ensure that a campaign stays on track and that you get an agreeable and accurate return on investment.

The monitoring system for a special campaign needs to be set up and monitored accurately to ensure that all mentions are captured in real time.

The right time for special campaign monitoring

When preparing to monitor a special campaign or event, there are a few questions that need to be answered about the details surrounding what you want to achieve.

These details include the time frame of the campaign, the target audience you hope to reach, the key searches surrounding it and the accuracy of the monitoring that will be used.

The most important part of any successful campaign or event, is to define exactly what you want to achieve with it. This definition is what you’ll be using as a comparison against the information supplied by media monitoring. If the two line up in the end, a campaign can be classified as a success.

The relevance of monitoring during a special campaign

One of the main reasons why thorough monitor is so important, is the ever-changing nature of media and the channels used to reach an audience. The media landscape has changed drastically over the last 10 years and it continues to do so on an almost daily basis. To get an accurate ROI figure for every campaign or event, the media monitoring system needs to keep up with changes in algorithms in order to not miss mentions.

It is important for media monitoring metrics to be transparent, so that the client understands the benefit from media coverage of a PR campaign. The values (AVE if required) should both be realistic and accurate.

The presentation of the information supplied by media monitoring also needs to be presented in a way that makes sense to someone who does not have expert knowledge. All of the important details regarding a campaign need to be included, but in a way that easily explains whether a healthy return had been received at the end.

By doing so, the media monitoring system and the people attached to it prove their worth and why something like it is an absolute necessity. Not just during special campaigns, but also when it’s just business as usual.

When it comes to special events or campaigns, however, there are multiple reasons why constant monitoring as it happens is necessary.

The first reason, which isn’t often explored, is the person or department behind the message associated with the campaign. It’s not a regular occurrence, but there are cases where someone gets too close the message and is unable to see that it might not work. Media monitoring is an objective measure in this regard, as it will reveal whether a campaign is working or not without fear or favour.

The feedback from the initial campaign, supplied by monitoring, will help the department or person behind it generate newer and better ideas. Instead of just one department putting their heads together, you now have an entire planet’s response to the message and how it can be improved. This will be able to tell you if it worked in the first place, and how to better structure it the next time it goes out.

In theory all of this is possible, but it requires dedication from the team behind the media monitoring system. Once we have built a framework for you, we can further dissect the data by creating subcategories for your brand. These subcategories reveal your data with a much richer and complex understanding of your campaign’s performance

Being consistent during the data evaluation process is key. Sporadic evaluation of clips allows important responses to slip through, which is the most important reason why a special campaign or event needs to be checked constantly and thoroughly. Are you looking to optimise your special campaign Media Tracking or get a richer understanding of the impact of your special campaigns?  Get in touch.


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