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Social Media Listening for Events - 12 Sep 18

Social Media Listening for Events - 12 Sep 18

Tailored Social Media Listening Tool for your Media Event

Would you like to know what the media or public has to say about your product launch? QuickPic’s social media listening, gives you the ability to take all these conversations get meaningful insights and data out of them. Data visualisation platforms like QuickPic can help you get there by breaking silos, boosting visibility of your work and bringing all your data sources together.

Where does QuickPic listen?

  • Hashtags: We track the relevant hashtags, filter through the digital clutter and provide you with relevant mentions.
  • Sentiment: Mention sentiment provide you with a better understanding of conversations, attitude and identify problems that require immediate attention. QuickPic’s skilled media analysts will analyse all your social media mentions and provide you with actionable insight.
  • Influencers: See who the top influencers are. Every industry identifies influencers based on demographic, psychographic and contextual information. We track your list of influencers to see what they have to say about the launch, their sentiment as well as their impact to the general public ie. (Number of followers, tweets and retweets). Based on the information we provide, you will also be able to decide which influencers are worth working with on future projects.
  • Platform Analysis: Different people prefer different social media platforms. We monitor all social media platforms and can provide you with information that helps you understand exactly where your target audience is, where your hashtags are performing well, as well as where you are mentioned the most and by whom.

Conversations continue even days after an event has ended, QuickPic continues to monitor and analyse those conversations as they are equally important, if not more. Once the conversations have died down, we compile a world-class tailored report that shows information and data visualisations in a simple, easy to understand, presentable format that suits your needs and match your strategy.

So, don’t waste your time with checking for social mentions in between tasks or during your event! Allow QuickPic’s experts to assist you with filtering through the noise and turning thousands of mentions and hits into actionable insight.

Connect with us and see how easy we can track and report your event, launch or activation.


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