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Real Time Dashboard Simplicity - 21 Jun 18

Real Time Dashboard Simplicity - 21 Jun 18

Real time graphic view of your Earned Media!

Here’s to your brands publicity being measured in real time, accurately, timeously and conveniently. Cut the thought of using traditional ways of monitoring earned media and decide to start using the QuickPic Media Monitoring Dashboard. A Dashboard that is simple, easy to use and structured in a way that one can understand.

What makes the QuickPic Media Monitoring Dashboard unique?

  • You are able to see the live stats or simply generate stats based on your time schedule.

  • Take control and view your updates.

  • Track engagement metrics across multiple platforms using a single interface.

  • Most importantly, this dashboard saves you much needed time. Rather than logging into each individual social media platform to check your stats, the social, online, print and broadcast media monitoring dashboard is a one-stop shop for your complete monitoring needs.

  • Shows your most recent earned media on these platforms.

  • You can download this dashboard on a PDF file to share if you need to.

The outcomes of using the QuickPic Media Monitoring Dashboard

With the QuickPic Media Monitoring dashboard you are able to see how your press release performed in the media, who wrote about your brand, if your coverage was neutral, positive or negative, if there’s negative coverage - what was said about your brand. You are able to see what the most valuable pickup of your press release is.  And the best part about all this, you can download the reports that will meet your standards and expectations.

What the dashboard and downloadable Media Monitoring reports include

  • Deeper insight into pickup of your press release

  • Multi brand display or competitor analysis

  • Pickups by day media type

  • Performance by day, week and month

  • Product testing coverage

  • Top performing content subjects

  • Potential Reach of Pickups

  • Total Mentions

  • Sentiment, Volume and Impact

  • Top Publishers by Impact displays publications with the highest average article impact, derived by social shares, readership and sentiment

  • Ad Equivalency quantifies the value of the coverage if it were placed as an advertisement in the respective media outlet

Keeping track of your reputation has never been easier! The QuickPic Media Monitoring Dashboard is here to make everything that has to do with tracking and monitoring the media, convenient for you and your brand. Providing real time accountability, accuracy, data and tailored reports specially for you.


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