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PR Analysis - 29 Mar 17

PR Analysis - 29 Mar 17

PR Analysis – The next step in Media Monitoring

A short history

More than any other communications position, a public relations or marketing officer wants irrefutable proof that their hard work is paid off in the end.

Decades ago this proof was an A4 book pasted with press clippings, followed by the humble scanner and a 128mb hard drive full of positive mentions or reviews. These activities were soon replaced by Google, which, in turn, was soon replaced with media monitoring tools like QuickPic.

For the most part, this is where most media monitoring systems started stagnating. There are numerous examples of media monitoring systems that can give you the basics, but are the basics good enough?

A media monitoring system can give you data, while a great media monitoring system supplies insight and context.

A modest system supplies you with the name of the source and everything related to it – circulation figures, location, classification of media, frequency and date. This is a lot of data, but it doesn’t give you everything you need to decide whether a campaign, or any kind of spending, was actually worth the effort.

The evolution of media monitoring

QuickPic’s Public Relations analytics tool takes it quite a few steps further than supplying figures. It gives the user the information needed to make an informed decision for an entire campaign. With this information at your disposal, your message will pack a powerful punch.

And therein lies the difference. In addition to the key data supplied by any media monitoring system, a public relations analysis tool will give you every piece of information you need to make informed decisions. With millions at stake, how can you afford not to invest in it?

Reaching the right audience

As a public relations practitioner, you’ll know the difference between reaching a massive audience, and the right audience. A campaign is always targeted at a specific group, and a basic media monitoring tool can only tell you how many people you reached, and not who those people are. With a public relations analysis tool, such as QuickPic’s Media Wire, you will be discoverable and know exactly who you reached and how strongly the messages resonated with them. With that information, it’s easy to work out whether the investment was worth it.

With certain media outlets, it may even be possible to track whether coverage leads to a sale. The public relations department is often criticised because it’s so hard to prove that it has any effect on sales, but imagine having the power of tracking the consumer’s buying experience all the way from first receiving your message, all the way to signing on the dotted line. Finally, a sale the public relations department can take credit for!

Know the value

As a public relations practitioner, you’ll understand quality VS quantity. While most people think PR is a numbers game, it’s anything but that. QuickPic’s quality analysis will be able to tell you the value of the reach, and not simply how large it is. The motor industry is a fine example. You might get a mention in the main body of a leading newspaper, which is perfectly acceptable, but it’s far more important to get a decent mention in a publication that focuses primarily on the automotive industry. And perhaps even more important than that, whether the reader of said publication can afford the product, or whether the publication is read for aspirational purposes.

Measure the impact

The impact of any mention can also be measured. Once again, it comes down to quality VS quantity. A feature spread in a respected publication, or a 10-minute slot on a leading television show is always welcome, but has it had any impact on the consumer. A seemingly small article that reaches the right audience and imparts exactly the kind of message said audience is looking for, is arguably more important than a grand feature. It might not be, but that’s exactly why a public relations analytics tool exists. It can answer these tricky questions.

Combining with social media

Once you link the above information with the influence of social media, you have a powerful tool at your disposal. Social media is easily monitored, and it’s the easiest way to see whether a message reached the intended audience, and, more importantly, whether it was worth investing in said message. That brings us nicely to the bottom line. As a public relations practitioner, you’ll know that it all comes down to the return on investment, and with QuickPic’s PR analysis tool, you’ll be able to show exactly where the money went and how much was made as a result. Now imagine how much easier it will be to pitch the next great idea.

The aim is to help you create a powerful, meaningful and results-driven PR campaign. With the correct information at your disposal, it’s much easier to approach clients, colleagues or management.


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