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Media Monitoring Q's - 1 Feb 17

Media Monitoring Q's - 1 Feb 17

Questions you need to ask any prospective media monitoring companies

Media monitoring can be an incredibly powerful tool to help you measure the reach and influence of your communications campaigns. Being privy to the exact details of where your message went, who viewed it, and the sentiment around it equips you with valuable information to help optimise all future brand messaging. But as with most things in life, not all media monitoring companies are made equally, and finding the right one to truly provide you with the in depth data you need can be challenging. Therefore it is imperative that you do a fair amount of research when shopping around for a media monitoring provider that can live up to the service they are selling. To help you determine which media monitoring companies are worth their salt, we’ve listed the most important questions to pose to any of the potential media monitoring companies on your shortlist.

  • Does the provider give you insight into what your competitors are doing?

As with any industry, PR is as much about knowing your own brand as it is about knowing what your competitor is doing. By choosing a media monitoring company that monitors your competitors’ media activity, you gain valuable insights into their marketing activities, strategies, media reactions to their brand and products, and their marketing successes and shortcomings. These insights into your competition assists your brand in reaching strategic marketing and product-development decisions.

  • Which platforms does the media monitoring company monitor your brand on?  

This is an incredibly important question to pose to any prospective media monitoring companies, as the channels with which your brand is being communicated are constantly expanding in the digital realm. While radio, TV and print were once the main vehicles to the public’s eyes, other platforms like social media have become even more influential. An advanced media monitoring service provider will provide you with accurate mentions on all platforms — especially digital — to enable you to increase your responsiveness.

  • Are they able to provide you with accurate, honest figures?

Many media monitoring companies are prone to provide you with vanity metric, which might look and sound great, but don't give an accurate overview of exactly how your brand message is being perceived. It’s important to keep in mind that many media monitoring companies make use of inflated AVE figures to impress current customers and attract new clientele. But when it comes to analysing data to help improve your brand reach, you need AVE figures that are honest, accurate and truly unique to your brand strategy.

  • Do they provide you with easily accessible reports?

A media monitoring service provider is only as good as the reports they provide you with. Making sense of the data recorded about your brand mentions and sentiment is made that much simpler if you opt for a media monitoring company that allows you to easily access all the data online, whenever you need it from a single dashboard.

How QuickPic stands out from its competition

QuickPic Media Monitoring has been designed to provide you with comprehensive reports to help effectively and accurately determine your brand’s reputational impact as well as the details behind any flux in your brand perception. We also enable you to effectively monitor your competitors’ media activity to gain an understanding of their brand strategy. At QuickPic, we pride ourselves in providing honest, accurate AVE figures that are relevant to your own unique PR strategy. To ensure that your experience with our service is as seamless as possible, our reporting systems allows you to easily access your reports from a single dashboard.

To find out more about why our media monitoring service is the best for your unique communications needs, take a comprehensive tour here, or get in touch with us directly if you have any questions.


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