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Influencer Strategy - 16 Aug 17

Influencer Strategy - 16 Aug 17

A solid influencer strategy

The advent of social media has resulted in the creation of new marketing trends.

One such trend is the rise of the so-called influencer. Many scoffed at the notion of influencers having any sort of effect on people’s opinions, but this attitude has changed rather dramatically over the last two years.

An influencer is defined as a person or a group that has the ability to influence the public’s purchasing patterns or opinions by offering authoritative advice via social media. People follow these influencers because of their knowledge on a specific topic and thus place an enormous amount of trust in what they have to say. They are trusted industry voices and they’ve built up a significant amount of followers along the way. Influencing is not limited to the journalism field, as you’ll also find them amongst bloggers, industry analysts and colleagues.

It’s not hard to see why finding, identifying and communicating with these individuals should form part of any decent Public Relations strategy. A relationship with a well-connected influencer can be worth a lot  for your business.

Finding and identifying influence

Finding and identifying influencers can be done quickly and easily with QuickPic’s innovative social media listening and engagement platform. You can then monitor what they have to say, engage with them and follow their comments on your products or competitor products in the future. Leave creative direction up to your chosen influencer. Make your objectives known, but beware of damaging everyone’s credibility.

Why have an influencer strategy?

The statistics indicate that the public trust their opinions. Various studies indicate that up to 70% of people take influencers opinion into account when purchasing items. This shows a huge amount of trust between the influencer and the people who follow him/her. They are a credible source of information.

As they have a massive following, your brand will be exposed to thousands of people via a simple tweet or mention on any social media platform. With media monitoring, you can also identify new influencers from any initial mention. This leads to your own audience growing in leaps and bounds. In essence, influencers provide a massive network and not simply a network of potential customers.

Avoid confusing size with influence. The key to a successful influencer strategy is to uncover and align with the people who have the attention and respect of their audiences, not just people with the most followers.

Rewards vs money

One of the largest prevailing myths about influencer marketing is the assumption that all influencers want to be incentivized with money. However, when it comes to influencers’ motivations, several factors actually outweigh cash rewards. The participants in Augure’s study cited these as the most common motivations:

  • 55% Increase their reach/grow their audience

  • 45% Create quality content for their audience

  • 29% Shape their image

  • 25% Get perks (discounts, free samples)

  • 24% Earn money

  • 22% Living new experiences (trips, events, …)

Measure Your Results

With the right tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to track other new influencers.

This information would be invaluable to any marketing team, as it would show them whether people respond positively or negatively. It may even give you some news ideas on how to approach your own customers or how to reach new customers effectively.

The final reason why you would want eyes and ears on influencers is simply because they are at the forefront of trends. They tend to be early adapters to new technology and tend to find creative ways to communicate with them.

Constantly assess and adapt your influencer marketing as the priorities of your customers, and therefore your business, evolve.


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