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Influence Measurement - 26 Sep 18

Influence Measurement - 26 Sep 18

The Ultimate Influence Measurement Solution

Measuring digital influence is a crucial part of a good social media strategy. And that is why we at QuickPic, provide the ultimate measurement solution! Alleviating the stress of trying to figure out if influencer-brand partnerships are worth the investment.

QuickPic’s measurement solution is also aimed at agencies who measure celebrity influencers for campaigns, adverts, events, social media ‘stories’ etc.

Discover influencers’ strengths and weaknesses through our Influence Audits:

Influence Audits:  We can assist you with audits for influencers/celebrities and up-and-coming clients. Providing them with a professional report that can be verified, to add to their own profiles when pitching for corporate partnerships. Also helping influencers add value and credibility to their brand to be taken more seriously.

Two types of audits QuickPic offers:

  • Overview – a measurement of the influencer’s growth and influence over a period of time. This will include all the important numbers, followers and engagement, influence and relevance scores etc.
  • Campaign / event audit – measure the value that influencers give to brands and events, which they can further use as an example for future pitches. This also helps you determine whether or not the partnership is worth furthering.

Besides brands using the solution, this service is highly beneficial for ambitious influencers who are seeking to build their own brands, reputations and credibility.

By making use of QuickPic’s Influence Measurement Solution, agencies and clients will be able to offer their clients a means to measure their own success, influence and performance across various platforms, so they know what to focus on and what opportunities to take advantage of. But most importantly, the influencer score card gives influencers credible third-party data to use when pitching for new business, which is vital as this is precisely where true influencers will benefit the most.

Whether you need a “snapshot” or “full audit measurement” report, contact us for more information on the class-leading influence measurement solution, and let us help you simplify your influence analysis.


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