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Importance of expertise - 10 May 17

Importance of expertise - 10 May 17

Media Monitoring: The Importance of Industry Expertise

It’s impossible to measure how large the internet is, thanks to the rate of growth it experiences every single second.

Internet Live Stats, a website that estimates (not measures) internet statistics, estimates that 7000 tweets and 733 Instagram posts are made, while 127 354 YouTube videos are watched every second. It gets trickier when it comes to an accurate figure for the number of content pages on the web. Websites like WorldWideWebSize provide a daily figure, which currently stands at 4.46 billion pages across the entire World Wide Web.

To find out what people are saying about you, you need powerful tracking tools and an experienced analyst to go with it. Experience within a specific industry is tantamount, as an analyst needs to understand the difference between important content and irrelevant noise.

Keeping up with the times

Finding a system that works and a person that knows how to operate it to the benefit of the client is no longer enough. Online media is rarely static, which means constant learning and upgrading is necessary.

In the age of online, a media tracking service and its media specialists should work hand-in-hand with its clients to stay abreast of new developments and technologies. All parties must take the time to understand the industry it operates in, as well as the media involved in said industry. The result will be monitoring that is both relevant and accurate.

In order to get the most out of media monitoring, you need to have a seamless team behind the scenes.

Benefits of a seamless team

A tight-knit, knowledgeable team will provide and maintain consistent media monitoring. The result of this is monitoring and measurement in 11 official languages in South Africa.

This guarantees the arrival of correct and useful information right on your computer screen, which will undoubtedly help you to make the right decisions for your company every time.

A team like this will supply you with comprehensive and accurate real time results, which you can dig into whenever you wish. Having a finger on the pulse at any given moment is a powerful Public Relations tool, as it will help with understanding a message and the strategy you intend to use to get it out there. With real time results, you can also adapt a message after it has gone out and the sentiment towards it has been gauged.

Sentiment is measured by specialists in the field. We use our human industry specialists to gauge accurate sentiment, which helps for a better overall interpretation of the public’s feelings towards a company and any news related to it.

Monitoring human sentiment

Experienced media specialists study individual articles on multiple platforms to monitor the impact of your initial message. Human resources is used a second tier function to further filter articles to ensure the elimination of noise, delivering only relevant and useful results.

Our innovative systems allow us to have an ear on the ground 24/7, which means we never miss a mention. The unique noise filtering ensures that only relevant information reaches you.

This saves clients an inordinate amount of time, as they are able to view updated impressions that showcase the impact of brand mentions across all media. The inclusion of sentiment measurements mean you don’t have to study every single mention to find out how well a message resonated with its specific target.

Why trust is key in media monitoring

There are two main reasons why trusting your media monitoring agency is of the utmost importance and key to achieving the goals you set for this service.

Every media tracking campaign is allocated a technical support team consisting of seven individuals. Secondly, our well-educated specialists go beyond technology to provide the human element as data often requires deeper insight.

You’ll experience first-hand how media specialists can make a difference to the Public Relations function at your organisation. All of the must-have details are supplied to you in an easy to understand, world-class report.

In doing so, you gradually build up a relationship with the people who understand through the line public relations and earned media reporting.

Having a specialist on your account makes all the difference in the world, as it means the support for your brand will be understood.

At QuickPic, we turn mentions into relationships by monitoring and understanding the authors of digital platforms in real time.


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