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Image Recognition - 15 Nov 17

Image Recognition - 15 Nov 17

The power of image recognition

Recent research suggests that around 1.8 billion images are loaded online every single day. As the price of smartphones and data costs go down, this figure is set to significantly increase over the coming years.

Communication via images has been a trend for a while now, but monitoring them hasn’t. Keeping an eye on images related to your brand, whether referenced or not, is the next big thing, and we have the technology to do just that. We now have the solution that is not only effective, but truly cost effective as well.

Brand reference in images

Another shocking statistic has to do with the references attached to these millions upon millions of photographs. The same study conducted in 2016 suggested that up to 80% of these images don’t reference that brand in the image. This is a massive lost opportunity, but it can be easily solved by using image recognition technology.

Image recognition technology

This unique software has the power to recognise a brand, without the brand ever being mentioned in the image. This allows you to keep a close eye on this phenomenon, which means you’ll be able to uncover online conversations about the brand that would have previously gone unnoticed. This kind of knowledge can help you understand how this previously hidden conversation correlates with your marketing strategy, and how it may be used to bolster or update it.

A closer look at sponsorship

The usefulness of image recollection doesn’t stop there. It can be used to great effect if you’re actively involved in sponsorship deals. When you sponsor an event, your brand logo might feature prominently, but chances are that it doesn’t get explicitly mentioned in any articles, posts or broadcast features. Just think of rugby games, cricket matches or motorsport event. The brands are ever present in the background, but will rarely be mentioned outright by any commentator.

This makes it difficult to track the ROI of said investment, which makes it hard to tell whether it was worth investing in or not.

Image recollection will tell you exactly how much you gained from sponsoring and event, and whether it would be a good idea to continue with any given sponsorship.

Brand and campaign tracking

Image recognition works equally well with user generated content. As we know, people enjoy user generated content, because it humanises a brand. Recognising images relating to your brand will allow you to improve campaign engagement, which will inevitably boost conversations. When used in e-mail campaigns, which people tend to prefer as they have power over when they want to use it, it can actually improve the click-through rate.

Getting ahead of a crisis

According to a study conducted in 2014, people are 40% more likely to share visuals than any other form of content. It’s easy to understand and digest, but the wrong image can lead to a crisis, especially if the brand in question is not mentioned and the company involved has no idea that a crisis has even started. There are many examples of images being used without any context or information, which led to serious reputation damage for certain companies.

Quickpic’s image recognition software works in real-time, which means you can track any posts about your brand in real time. This allows for a swift reaction, which is one of the key components of a good crisis management strategy.

Detect a copycat

There’s no denying that we live in an age where the fraudulent use of logos and images is a stark reality. Our image recognition software will detect fraudulent images and logo manipulation as soon as they happen, saving you from these images having a possible negative effect on your business.


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