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Find the Right Influencer - 30 Aug 17

Find the Right Influencer - 30 Aug 17

Find the right influencers

In a recent blog post, we took a closer look at the definition of influencers, how to rank them and why they should form an integral part of any public relations or marketing campaign.

This time we’ll take a closer look into the world of the influencer and how a decent monitoring tool can help you get the most out of this particular relationship.

As a quick recap, an influencer is defined as an individual person or group that has the ability to impact the purchasing behaviour of the public. Influencers are seen as knowledgeable in their particular field of interest, which is why the public tends to respect their opinion.

As such, you want to know as much as possible about influencers relevant to your business and QuickPic has the necessary tools to provide that information.

Access in-depth media profiles

To ensure that the influencers you engage with are relevant, an in-depth media profile is necessary. Thanks to the right monitoring tool, you’ll not only have access to basic information including interests, images and location, but a wealth of additional information as well.

This includes a proper breakdown of his/her followers and on which platform the followers engage with. This is important information to have, because a campaign that works beautifully on Twitter, won’t necessarily translate well onto YouTube.

You’ll also be able to check the amount of growth, as well as the demographic details of his/her followers. This will enable you to target the right group of people with the right message, after which you can study the amount of interaction to see whether the campaign was a success.

In addition to this, a proper media monitoring system can study the blog, channel or profile associated with the influencer to see whether the figures add up and whether they have a decent ranking on Google.

Connect with digital influencers

Once you have this information at your disposal, it’s necessary to connect with the chosen digital influencers.

Establishing a relationship is key to success and it’s important to keep the communication between you and key influencers open. Once the relationship is established, it’s important to keep the channel open at all times and to keep an eye on their day-to-day activities.

With the media profile information at your fingertips and an established relationship between you and the right group of influencers, it’s easy to uncover possible media coverage via unique articles, blog posts, videos or social media posts.

Uncover real­-time opportunities

Because media monitoring is done in real time, it’s possible to come across an interesting idea or concept for an exceptional piece of content.

Influencers tend to be at the forefront of modern content campaigns, which provides you with a unique opportunity to jump on board and be part of said campaign. This might be something small, but it might just provide an entirely new concept your public relationship or marketing department hasn’t thought of yet.

Map upcoming editorial coverage

With all of the information supplied by our monitoring services, it’s easy to map upcoming editorial coverage.

It’s standard practice to set goals for any marketing or public relations activity, and this will help you get a clear indication of where the message will go and what influencers you need to help achieve this goal.

After the campaign has run its course, you can look at the actual result and the predicted media coverage to see whether they align, which means that the influencer strategy was a resounding success.


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