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Disruptive Innovation - 13 Jun 18

Disruptive Innovation - 13 Jun 18

Disruptive Innovation in Media Monitoring

A huge part of a holistic Public Relations approach is made up of the message you put across about your brand. However, a lot of value lies in the quality and measurement of the published content, and that is where media monitoring has changed.

6 years ago QuickPic disrupted the media monitoring intelligence field through innovative technology used to unlock new media monitoring competencies. Offering analytics that are more focused on aggregated information, providing trends, simple tailor-made reports, accurate tonality and filtered competitive information on an easily accessible dashboard. We have worked tirelessly towards designing, developing and integrating a class-leading media monitoring service tailored to the needs of our clients.

Over the years, we have seen trends come to pass and watched media monitoring approaches fail dismally mainly because they have failed to adapt to the ever-changing media landscape. Because the media is evolving, the demand to lead with with immediate insight and content management is increasing.

5 Game changers for Media Monitoring:

  • Communication via images has been a trend for a while now, but monitoring them hasn’t. Make use of image recognition technology to keep an eye on images related to brands, whether referenced or not, is the next big thing.
  • Highly skilled communication experts with experience, understanding of communication and business objectives turn data into strategic insights.

  • Accurate, integrated metrics and analytics provide you with actionable insights. 

  • A deeper level of understanding and strategy alignment. It’s not how much, but what, where and how!

  • Forget your blue print format reports of yesterday. Tailored reports that provide information and data visualisations in a simple, easy to understand, presentable format are key!

The Media landscape will continue to change, and so will we. QuickPic’s quest to innovate simple tailor-made solutions for our clients continues. The barrier between media platforms has slowly dissolved and monitoring of multiple platforms are fully integrated with more influential, quality conversations becoming more reliable and influential.

So let’s dig deeper, keep on disrupting and ensure analytics are accurate and meaningful.


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