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Boost Your Comms - 18 Jan 17

Boost Your Comms - 18 Jan 17

How media monitoring can boost your communications strategy

Effectively communicating and managing your brand is equally as important as knowing what’s being said about your brand. If you don’t know how your message is being perceived or not using powerful and intuitive monitoring tools you are simply throwing your message out like seeds in the wind and hoping that one of them falls on fertile soil. It’s only through the knowledge gathered by carefully sifting through all the channels you broadcast to that you are able to correctly align your core message and ensure that you are being perceived in the correct manner.

Enter Media monitoring services.

Although media monitoring has been around for quite some time, it’s important to look at what the modern day media monitoring services have to offer as technology advances and the channels we use to communicate keep on expanding. In this blog we list some of the major benefits you can reap when enlisting the services of a premium media monitoring provider.

Determine what the sentiment is around your brand and brand messaging.

An advanced media monitoring services will provide you with comprehensive reports that allow you to see your brand’s reputational impact as well as the details behind a negative or positive spike in brand perception. It will also give more in-depth analysis of the when, who and what that led to the flux in your brand sentiment.

Know what your competitors are up to and what’s being said about them.

Monitoring your competitors’ media activity can reveal a lot about their brand messaging such as their marketing activities, strategies, media reactions to their brand and products, and their marketing successes and shortcomings. These insights into your competition assists your brand in reaching strategic marketing and product-development decisions.

Know what’s being said about your brand on all platforms — especially digitally.

As a communications or PR practitioner you have an incredibly busy schedule already and therefore don’t have a minute to spare to sift through newspapers, websites and social media to track down what’s being said about your brand. An advanced media monitoring service takes care of all of these time-consuming and tedious tasks providing you with accurate mentions to optimise your communications strategy. In our growing digital world, it’s imperative that you opt for a media monitoring provider that monitors brand mentions on social media platforms to enable you to increase your responsiveness.

And, lastly but most importantly, get more accurate AVE figures.

ROI remains one of the biggest influencers of your communications campaigns and when it comes to putting your money where your mouth is, so to speak, media monitoring is a very effective tool in providing accurate statistics. At QuickPic, we furnish you with honest, accurate AVE figures that are relevant to your own unique PR strategy.

Our Media Monitoring has been designed to provide PR practitioners with a powerful through the line solution that gives you the power to know exactly what is said about your brand and when. Our solutions are easy to use and you can access all of the reports you require from a single dashboard. QuickPic’s in-depth monitoring process makes use of field experts as a second tier filter to ensure accuracy. If you’d like to find out more about how QuickPic Media Monitoring can help boost your communications strategies, you can take an in-depth tour here.


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