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Accurate Media Monitoring - 22 Feb 17

Accurate Media Monitoring - 22 Feb 17

Accurate monitoring means accurate reports

Although there have been some daunting and challenging changes in the PR industry over the past few years, one aspect is more relevant today than ever before: it’s still about effectively communicating your message to the right people and highlighting the positives of your brand. In doing so, PR professionals carefully craft their messages – whether it’s a once-off press release or globally televised event – all with positive reinforcement of their brand in mind.

The last thing PR professionals need, however, is for their Media Monitoring partner to do the same to them. When it comes to media monitoring, PR & Communications specialists rely on clean, accurate data without any fluff or positive spin. A monitoring agency is not there to make you feel better, they’re there to give you the stats so you can make an informed decision on the direction of future PR.

Accurate Data = PR Power

The boom in social media, customer awareness and ‘citizen journalism’ means that no media platforms can be ignored and that crucial PR data is collected across the board. Just ten years ago, it was possible for PR persons to ‘keep an eye’ on certain key publications or websites and this would give them a good indication of how well their brand and products were being received by the media and customers alike. That’s no longer the case.

Today’s PR & Communication practitioners need access to, and accurate reports of, all their coverage. It’s the only way to draw a concise picture of where your PR methods are succeeding and where they are either not being heard, or possibly misunderstood. Without this information, it’s impossible to decide whether you’re heading in the right direction or need to change tack. If your Media Monitoring partner drops the ball, this inaccurate information can quickly result in the complete failure of expensive PR campaigns, simply because you based your planning on the wrong data.

QuickPic realises how crucial accurate media monitoring is to every single company, and therefore guarantees an accurate media monitoring and reporting service for brands in South Africa.

Real Value, Not Inflated

Although every PR loves seeing their ROI and SOV increase, it’s of little importance if these stats aren’t an accurate reflection. For example: One month Brand X may see a huge increase in coverage due to a single irrelevant mention across a range of syndicated articles. On the face of it, it may seem like Brand X has achieved brilliant AVE’s, when in fact the brand was barely mentioned in the article.

By providing accurate data and detailed reports, QuickPic gives its clients a relevant and accurate picture of their coverage standing each month. Inflated stats may look great on paper, but they are no help to modern PR practitioners who need to be able to adapt their approach in order to improve results. Inaccurate monitoring leads to irrelevant PR campaigns and this can cause a brand to lose significant traction and value in the long run.

The accuracy of a media monitoring solution depends on its ability to search millions of publicity/conversations and return only relevant results. Most solutions rely on something called Boolean search. Boolean is useful, but with media monitoring there are some significant challenges to overcome - especially sifting through irrelevant publicity. QuickPic adds sophisticated big data analysis to natural language search with human industry specialists to give our clients accuracy, clarity and insight.

Customised and Accurate Monitoring saves time

The bane of every PR practitioner’s job is a severe lack of time. In a world of instant communication, PR professionals don’t have the luxury of reading and analysing extensive media monitoring reports. QuickPic therefore specialises in delivering reports that are clear, concise and accurate. Clients can customise their reports to highlight specific campaigns, products or competitors in order to get a clear picture of current brand or product perception. The reports are compiled so that clients have an immediate overview and provide accurate detailed information to quickly spot any problems that need to be addressed, or any successes that can be capitalised on. QuickPic’s media monitoring reports are the most accurate and informative in the business.

Stay ahead of the crisis

Depending on the situation, a single influencer has the power to shift public opinion regarding your brand overnight. PR professionals need to be ready to react instantly, but they can only do so if they have all the information. Only by having access to accurate data that indicates sentiment (Negative / Positive / Neutral) is it possible for PR practitioners to spot a problem before it becomes a full-blown crisis. QuickPic’s dedicated reporting makes it possible to track topic, or publication / individual trends and quickly pick up potential concerns. With instant access to reports and media clips, clients can quickly get a clear picture of the situation and decide how to react.

Without accurate data PR professionals risk being caught off guard, which is likely to exacerbate any problem or crisis. Accurate media monitoring is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s become the most important tool available in the current PR landscape. QuickPic is continuously advancing its media monitoring processes to ensure they provide their PR clients with the best support on the market.


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