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5 Tips for Digital PR - 12 Apr 17

5 Tips for Digital PR - 12 Apr 17

5 Tips for capitalising on Digital PR

There are numerous reasons why digital public relations is an absolute must for any company.

Apart from a potentially massive audience, and its ability to compliment and boost more traditional public relations activities, digital PR allows you to bypass the media and speak directly to a wider audience.

As a PR practitioner, you would issue a press release or statement as usual, but digital PR grants you the opportunity to connect the media at large and present your message directly to the intended target audience. With the control of digital solely in your own hands, you also get to decide how long the message should stay out there. If it’s particularly good news, you might want to punt it for longer than most news cycles tend to last.

The results of said message is easy to measure from a digital perspective. A traditional message can only be tracked and feedback can be supplied, but in the digital sphere you will likely receive feedback directly from the audience that was being targeted in the first place. You will then gain insight into how the message was perceived, which will answer every question you might have. Did my message get through to the audience? Did the audience appreciate the message, and if not, why not?

And let’s not forget about the sheer value of digital public relations. In terms of getting a message to the public, it’s the most economical method there is. Compared to the cost of traditional campaigns in print and broadcast, a digital PR strategy is the easiest choice you’ll ever make.

Here’s 5 tips that will help you get the most out of your digital efforts.

1. Get the right tools

Whether your public relations team is in-house or outsourced to a firm, it needs to be monitored. Ensure your media monitoring agency has the tools you need to track all your media hits and everything else in between to supply you with a detailed report. A message by itself is of no use to anyone, but the ability to see how far that message went, how it resonated with an audience and whether it led to any leads is a powerful resource that any respectable company should have.

2. Listen, measure and respond

This is one of the main reasons digital is taking over the world. Unlike traditional strategies in print and broadcast, a digital PR strategy grants you the ability to be part of the conversation. You can respond, adapt and measure what is being said and whether it is what you were aiming for. As mentioned in a previous blog, the ability to listen in on digital discussions is one of the key ingredients for managing a crisis, so it’s useful when times are good, or when things go the other way.

3. Identify key opinion leaders

Choosing the right influencers can be tricky, especially now that there are millions of them globally. In order to use this digital PR function properly, you need to look further than reach numbers.

Luckily, it is easier when you compete in a niche market. Once you’ve identified key influencers in your particular segment, you need to study their reach, engagement and authority. A respected influencer with a smaller following is of more value than an influencer with a large audience and not much authority on the subjects he/she engages.

4. Sharing and collaborating

In most companies the public relations and marketing functions are two separate entities, but with digital public relations, it doesn’t have to be.

The marketing department’s campaigns could easily be bolstered from a digital PR perspective, which would inevitably lead to a bigger reach. More importantly, the feedback the public relations department could provide via its media monitoring system could prove invaluable to the marketing effort.

5. Save some time

The best news of all is that the above can all be handled by a decent media monitoring service. Because of the sheer volume of content, message and engagement involved, there’s simply no way one person could track everything, not to mention connecting the dots between a strategy and the desired outcome.

Save yourself time and speak to one media monitoring agency who understands your business, and will supply you with an accurate, but detailed report. With this report in hand, you’ll always know exactly where you stand in terms of digital public relations, and how to improve and get more out of it every time you start a new campaign.


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