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QuickFleet App - 2 May 18

QuickFleet App - 2 May 18

Fleet Management in your pocket

Remember in the beginning of the year when we promised that we will be upgrading QuickPic services? Well guess what? We are sticking to our promise. With almost everything becoming digital and with technology being available at every blink of an eye, QuickPic has introduced the QuickPic Fleet mobile app, available on IOS and Android.

QuickPic Fleet allows you to manage the scheduling, maintenance and movements of your vehicle fleets, online. A simple fleet tool with a focus on transparency, automation, enhanced efficiency and improved cost reporting and control - all in a cost-effective mobile package. Wondering what makes the Fleet App so convenient? The Fleet App has a vehicle inspection feature which the system online does not have. Managing and controlling your fleets has never been easier! Convenience on the road on your mobile device? Sounds great doesn’t it?

Avoid the hassle of taking out your heavy laptop or rushing to a desktop in order to log on to the QuickPic Fleet System but rather simply download the QuickFleet App onto your mobile pocket device. This means extra easy accessibility, easy tracking for your fleet and just less stress in general. Using the App will feel as if you are on your laptop/desktop; all the information you need on your Fleet is right there, from your previous bookings, to the fleet registrations and models, and so on.

Here are the links to the QuickFleet App:


Android -

Try it! Save time! Stay up-to-date with all fleet movements.


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