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Paperless and User-friendly - 18 Jul 18

Paperless and User-friendly - 18 Jul 18

QuickPic Fleet - paperless, simple and user-friendly

In efforts to create a truly paperless, simple and easy to use fleet management system, QuickPic has enhanced its fleet system.

QuickPic Fleet now has a fully digital Vehicle Inspection and Loan Agreement form, on both the desktop and mobile versions.


Digital Vehicle Inspection Form

The Vehicle Inspection Form allows drivers to indicate the location of damage on the vehicle, as well as the nature of damage, at the click of a button.

A well-executed digital vehicle inspection can help both you and your drivers avoid danger and extra costs in three simple steps:

  • Select the part of the vehicle that is damaged on the diagram provided.

  • Identify the type of the damage (Scratch, dent or other).

  • Add a note to further describe the nature of the damage.


Digital Loan Agreement Form

You now have the option to create, activate and edit your own digital fleet loan agreement in these simple steps:

  • Go to your permissions

  • Create your own customised Loan Agreement Form using the existing placeholders.

  • Save the loan agreement.

  • Once a booking has been confirmed the driver should receive an email that, providing you with a link to accept the loan agreement form.

  • Once the loan agreement form has been accepted a print button will appear, allowing the admin to print the loan agreement.

Less paperwork to worry about!

Our aim is to provide you, the fleet manager with a simple, integrated system that allows you to manage and track detail on your vehicles seamlessly.

Click on the link below to download the MOBILE APP:


Android -


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